Theodor Storm | Nun sei mir heimlich zart und lieb

Not only was Theodor Storm quite a prolific writer, his name also is a perfect choice for a character in a novel. Plenty of information is available about him. There is a hugely comprehensive website in English about Storm and his work. Originally from the north of Germany, he studied and practiced Law for the majority of his life while he penning many novellas and poems. The poem below, which flows nicely with rhyme in the original German, was more difficult to produce in English. The most notable moments were in the choice to repeat certain words. It is short, but a difficult one. Here’s hoping for the best!


Now, I am secretly gentle and loving; 
Set your foot upon mine now! 
It says to me: I abandoned the world, 
Resting entirely on you alone; 
And you: o let me be the world, 
And I can, peacefully and alone, 
As now your nimble foot, 
will be be your life support! 


Nun sei mir heimlich zart und lieb; 
Setz deinen Fuß auf meinen nun! 
Mir sagt es: ich verließ die Welt, 
Um ganz allein auf dir zu ruhn; 
Und dir: o ließe mich die Welt, 
Und könnt ich friedlich und allein, 
Wie deines leichten Fußes jetzt, 
So deines Lebens Träger sein! 


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